FX offers an assortment of programs to fit your needs.

Individual Training

Individual training is for athletes of all sports, ages, and skill levels. Sessions are programmed for the specific athlete based on sport, strengths and weaknesses, past injuries, evaluations, and current schedule. Individual sessions allow for personalized programs and progressions based on individual performance.

Group Training

FX group training is for soccer athletes only. Athletes are placed in a group based on their age and skill level. These sessions are programmed based on the athletes involved, experience and skill level, and current season. The training covers a mixture of strength and conditioning, soccer relative change of direction and agility, injury prevention, and soccer skill. Groups do not exceed six athletes, allowing for all participants to receive feedback from the trainer.

College Group Training

Our college training programs are designed to push you to your full potential in order to prepare you for the upcoming season. We create the program based on the expectations of college coaches and tailor it towards the specific needs and goals of the athletes involved in the training. Put the work in during the off-season to help your team succeed this fall! 

Goalkeeper Training

Keepers can book individual training or GK Group sessions. Specific GK group depends on the age of the athlete. These sessions include keeper-specific strength, conditioning, injury prevention, and skill/technique. 

Team Training

Soccer-specific strength and conditioning is offered, with soccer skill, injury prevention, core stability, recovery, and educational pieces included in the sessions. We tailor our training to each specific team, based on their schedules and needs. Through initial meetings with coaches and sessions with the team, we are able to find what will be most important to focus on in order to further the success of the team.

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