Rianna Reese, Ohio University:

I have known Andi for nearly 8 years, and I have had the privilege both of playing with her and being trained by her. Andi brings her competitive edge and passion to work every day, and it is evident in the environment and quality of training provided at FX. Though the atmosphere is competitive, and each session fosters athletic development, it is very clear the staff are deeply invested in the success of their athletes and they encourage athletes to try new things even if they make mistakes. Furthermore, the staff care about the success of their athletes in ALL areas of life and strive to facilitate personal growth that extends far beyond the athletic arena.

Going into my senior season at Ohio University, I was transitioning into a different position while simultaneously dealing with nagging knee and Achilles’ problems. Andi made sure I was ready for my fitness tests as well as the wear-and-tear of a collegiate season. She is one of the few trainers I have met who understands the importance of recovery—she challenges her athletes but knows when to hold them back to make sure they are ready to perform at the right time. Her approach to training also stands out, as she incorporates sport-specific training into every workout. The strength circuits she designs for her athletes focus on movements needed for athletic performance, rather than just simple muscle building. Almost every college session included the ball, allowing me to improve my skills while building my aerobic base. I had the best season of my college career after training with FX all summer, and I know the preparation I received from the college program staff was a huge part of that success.

List of achievements:

  • 4-year starter for Ohio University Women’s Soccer
  • 2018 MAC All-Tournament Team
  • 2018 Music City Invitational All-Tournament Team


Jen Rehberger, Mother of two athletes:

We send both of our teenage daughters to FX Athletic Performance. This is not a “cookie cutter” facility. Andi takes the time and care to discover your goals as a parent, and your player’s goals to make a personalized plan to reach them. There is more to being a successful athlete than being on a winning team, and Andi teaches that through her mentoring and her workouts. It is personal and professional and has been a huge asset to our girls' passion for the game of soccer. Andi truly cares about her athletes. FX is the place for athletic performance and more! 


I am a keeper, and I play for the Kentucky ODP team. My first weekend playing for that team I had the worst games I had ever played. My confidence was completely gone, and we were heading overseas to England to play in one month. I went to Andi and told her all about it. She helped me start at square one and build my confidence back up. By the time my trip came around, Andi had helped me so much, I had the best 3 games of my life! Andi was absolutely amazing with my confidence and skills, helping me become better than ever! Thank you Andi! 


Going to FX for the first time I was pretty nervous, but Andi is really easy to talk to and was so nice. I quickly became comfortable at FX, and I think it’s really important to feel “at home” where you train. Andi has been really helpful with so many things, but especially my lack of shooting form....well, actually you can’t really lack something you didn’t have 😋. In addition to my form, Andi has helped me improve my PK’s, touches, and strength. Thank you Andi! 


Lauren Parker, Miami University:

Whenever I walk into FX, it feels like a home away from home, and it’s a place where I can make mistakes to take my game to the next level. Andi truly cares about you and is determined to make you the best possible player you can be. She pushes you like there is no tomorrow, but at the same time Andi is a friend who will be there for you no matter what happens. She makes me work hard when I have to work hard, but we share many laughs together as well.

Going into my freshman season at Miami University, all I wanted to do was go into preseason being in the best possible shape, so I could make a great first impression. Andi designed a workout plan specially for me to make sure I went to Miami 100% prepared to excel whenever my name was called. My workout plan included weightlifting and footwork, but most importantly injury prevention, so I could make sure my body was prepared to go through a Division I schedule.

At FX, one of the groups I train with is the goalkeeper group. This is super helpful for goalkeepers at any level to work and focus on different skills and become confident with being inside the goalbox so you can save any shot that comes your way.

During my first collegiate season, my name was called when the starting goalkeeper got hurt. Individually I felt I had a super successful first season at Miami, having the honor of breaking the single game most saves record. I know that without FX I would not have had the confidence to go into a Division I game and preform at my best level. That is what FX does--prepare you for those big moments by working on the small details. I am so blessed to say that FX is a part of my life; without them I could not have had the success on and off the field that I have experienced.

List of Achievements:

  • Started seven matches during my freshman season at Miami University
  • Set Miami’s school record of most saves in a single game (18)
  • OHSSA 2017 State Champion (Loveland High School)
  • Tied for 2nd in state for most shutouts in a high school career at 50
  • Named All-Central Region, All State, All City, and All Conference senior year of high school
  • Placed 7th in Nationals with Ohio Elite Soccer academy in 2017


Taylor Spiller, SIUE Commit:

FX is not just any training place. It is a home and a second family for its athletes. Andi pushes all of her athletes to be the best they can be through programs tailored to what they want/need to work on as well as their skill level. Throughout sessions, athletes' technical abilities, endurance, decision making, mentality, and strength are all pushed. Andi keeps in mind what is essential for your personal progress and ties everything, from a technical base to game-like situations, together. So, what you learn and work on will always have a point and is applied. FX provides a competitive environment while also encouraging its athletes to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and not be afraid to make mistakes.

I am a goalkeeper and have consistently done group, GK group, and individual work, all of which have helped me tremendously. Having a place that offers goalkeeper-specific training is amazing, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to take advantage of it. But I also love that I don't always work solely on goalkeeping and can train as a goalkeeper, soccer player, and athlete. Andi also understands that athletes sometimes have a lot of other things going on, like school, homework, club or high school practices, other sports, a job, etc., and she knows the importance of recovery. Because of this, Andi knows when it's the right time to push and when to hold you back and make you rest or do functional or recovery work. FX truly wants the best for its athletes and wants to help them succeed and achieve their goals in both sport and life.

List of Achievements:

  • 4-Year Princeton High School Starting Varsity Goalkeeper
  • 2-Year Princeton High School Varsity Captain
  • 2017 Second Team All Conference
  • 2018 First Team All Conference 
  • 2018 All Southwest Ohio Honorable Mention
  • 2018 First Team All City 
  • 3-Year All Conference Academic Team
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Varsity Soccer Class of 2023


Jillian D., CUP Black 04:

I have been with FX for over a year, and I love it so much. Whenever I come in I am so excited to start training. The coaches are so nice, and they don’t judge you based on your skill or talent.  They just want you to come in, work hard and continue to get better. I train every week, sometimes twice a week, and I have grown so much. I have gained confidence to take players on and try out new skills. When I walk in I feel so welcomed, and everyone here is like my second family; they only build me up. I was on a lower team when i started. I worked hard, and everyone here supported me, and now I am on a higher team. Thank you so much Andi and all of the coaches for giving me this opportunity to grow.   

Eric and Arabella Callejo

Andi has been working with our daughter for the past couple of years. We are truly pleased at the improvement in her technical skills, but the most amazing thing we have seen is her maturity in the game. Andi and Alex don't only work on basic and advanced soccer skills, mindset, competitiveness and confidence. They have a way with cultivating a well-rounded player and person. 

List of Achievements:

  • ODP State Pool and Team
  • ODP Region 2 Pool
  • ODP Interregional Camp